The Beurtveer Sailing Race is a tribute to the historic transportation network of the Beurtveer, which connected the Netherlands for centuries. This race celebrates maritime traditions and the skills of sailors, while fostering the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

The race attracts participants from various corners of the Netherlands, each sailing their own ship to take part in the challenge. The course takes the sailors along picturesque waterways and historic ports, allowing them to showcase both their sailing abilities and their knowledge of Dutch maritime history.

The Beurtveer Sailing Race is not just a sporting event, but also an opportunity to celebrate the bond between sailors and the sea, and to emphasize the value of traditional crafts and skills. The event draws not only experienced sailors but also spectators drawn to the beauty and excitement of the race.

Through the Beurtveer Sailing Race, the legacy of the Beurtveer remains vivid and relevant in the modern age. It reminds us of the importance of maritime history to the identity of the Netherlands and how much sailing is still cherished as a source of enjoyment, challenge, and community.


  • October 26 to October 30, 2023
  • Saturday, October 26 from 12:00 PM boarding in Workum
  • Friday, October 30 around 3:00 PM arrival in Hoorn


  • € 290,-


If you would like to participate in this trip, please let us know via the contact form, email (, or by phone (+31 (0) 6 / 40 36 07 11).